Friday, September 13, 2013

The 90 Pop Pilates Challenge: I'm In!

I absolutely love Blogilates workout videos. Cassey is enthusiastic, she's fun, and really brands herself like a boss. So in my Popilates newsletter today, I found a link for the 90 day challenge, complete with a workout calendar and printable meal plan. I've been slowly trying to create a routine that works for me, but Cassey did all the work! If you're new to working out (like me), you might also want to try the beginners workout calendar. So the fun starts for me on Monday, September 30th. This will give me enough time to finish most of what's in the fridge so I can clean it out and start over. My fiance is already totally in grind mode with workouts, and has been for months. I'm glad I'll have a support system, and someone to enjoy these meals with! Now, I just need to get into the gym and do something. Anything. I am literally starting from the very, very beginning. But in the end, victory will be mine!
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